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NeuCafe™ Coffee Mug Warmer

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"I always like to sip on a cup of coffee or tea throughout my workday, but it takes me forever to finish a cup, and most of the time, by the time I’m halfway through, the coffee/tea is cold. This product is perfect for people like me, and I like the way it looks in my desk — very minimal and sleek. Overall very pleased with the product."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Charlotte  ✅ Verified Customer


Coffee is best enjoyed at a temperature between 137•F to 167•F. It is common knowledge that most people prefer their coffee at the high end of 167•F. Thus, it is often a source of worry that coffee would go cold -either because of urgent business or lengthy zoom meetings- before one has the time to fully enjoy its luscious taste at the desired temperature, leaving a drab taste in the mouth. The coffee might not be available when it is time to consume as it would have lost its natural fresh taste.

Nuecafe™ coffee warmer, an effective remedy to the constant temperature dip in drinks. Nuecafe™ is fully equipped to preserve the flavor in drink while maintaining the right temperature to assure continuous enjoyment. Start a day happy knowing that our beloved beverage is sitting warm in the coaster, waiting for us to take that graceful sip. With Nuecafe™ coffee warmer, it is just a click away from relishing the sweet taste of coffee all day long. 


TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Nuecafe™ coffee warmer features three variable temperature settings. It warm up coffee and other beverages consistently with just a soft touch of a button. 

SLEEK DESIGN: This coaster features a sleek design with a touch “◯” to switch on, with LED display. The LED display always tell the current temperature, adjust it to sip at desired heat level. 

PORTABILITY: Nuecafe coaster has a compact round size 4.72" x 4.72" x 0.98 Inches. The easy-to-use, compact, space-saving design is suitable for any office desk, bedside table, or any other space such as kitchen and more.

SUPERB TASTE ALL DAY LONG: Keeping the coffee warm isn’t the end of the road for Nuecafe™. The heat would be spread across the coffee cup to maintain the flavor throughout. 

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Nuecafe comes with fitting design of a flat surface. This coaster equipped to accept most mugs such glass cup, stainless steel cup, ceramic cup, spreading heat to your beverage evenly.

REDUCED STRESS: Nuecafe coaster has constant heating feature which helps reduce the trip to the cafeteria significantly by making it possible to get the desired cup of coffee that would keep jarred all day while saving energy.


Put it on any surface where there is no water and plug it into any board.

It comes with three options, the power button, two temperature buttons and smart LED display.

  • The power button is at the bottom of the LED display so you can turn it on
  • There are two temperature buttons on either side of the LED display, so that you can increase or decrease the temperature.
  • What is the temperature will be shown in the smart LED display.


We all know the scenario. We sit at our desk with our morning coffee and take a sip, yet we are busy doing work or some other pressing matter. The next thing we know is that coffee has gone cold and don't want to waste it (or throw it away). We either heat up the remaining cup of drink again- by reheating it in hot water, microwaving etc.- or go to the kitchen for more caffeine fix yourself! But no one wants their drinks turning sour after being reheated so many times!

Thankfully, Nuecafe™ Coffee warmer helps keep coffee warm all day long. Attend meetings and work knowing fully well that coffee is well cradled with the right amount of heat. Nuecafe™ will make rest assured that the right taste will be maintained in coffee by evenly distributing heat around the coffee while keeping the maximum flavor in the mouth. 


Product Dimensions: 124x124x26mm

Intelligent Temperature: 131°F~149°F~167°F

Weight: 280g

Power: 20W

Feature: LED Display, Smart Touch

Material: Metal + Finger Proof ABS + Silicone


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