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Magic Lint Remover

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“For me, who am a fan of cleaning, seeing fluff or hair from my pets on my furniture was a daily nightmare, not only did it look bad but it also became very uncomfortable, with cleaner remove the lint from any surface including my old clothing which now feels like it's new, I totally recommend this!".
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Adrea J.
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Magic Lint Remover

Every housewife knows that, removing lint or hair from any surface can be difficult and if it is fabric almost impossible, the fluff always comes back, swirls in the corners and comes together as if it were a party. 

The Magic Lint Remover is a device whose purpose is to trim lint from clothes. Fact that helps maintain a flawless appearance to everyone who uses it. This device can also be used on cushions and seats to remove any kind of hair or fluff you might see.   

The Magic Lint Remover is a portable device that can be purchased for a very low price. It will be useful not only for sweaters but for lint that accumulates on blankets and wool blankets, towels, furniture and even on the dog's bed. 


RESTORES YOUR CLOTHES AND FABRICS TO A FRESH NEW LOOK: Quick shaving without damaging the fabric to give old fabric a new life and keep it clean, smooth and fresh. 

PORTABLE, ELEGANT, COMFORTABLE  AND PRACTICAL: The sleek white compact design offers convenient storage without taking up too much space. 


KEEP YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR CAR CLEAN OF HAIR: perfect for people with pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc. those days of cleaning your car of animal hair are gone as you can use the brush for quickly and effectively remove any remaining hair or lint instantly

QUICK, EASY AND EFFECTIVE CLEANING: this magic lint remover will make cleaning any surface a child’s play thanks to its Extra-Large Double-Sided head, "Cleans twice as much in half the time." 

ALWAYS PREPARED AND READY TO USE: The Magic Lint Remover comes with a Self-cleaning base, one insert and both sides clean quickly. It is reusable! 

The innovation of this lint remover lies in its external micro bristles, which act like fingers that catch everything in their path and in its internal bristles that effectively clean the brush. 

Unlike the traditional adhesive rollers, which involve almost the total cost of the roll to clean a set of dining room chairs, with the remover you will clean all in a single pass  saving you time and money. 

SIZE: Large (33 x 7.5 x 5 cm) and Small (13.5 x 6 cm)


-This product adopts ABS shell and handle
- Two-sided Polyester Silk Soft Fleece


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